Look! Dog owner leaves nephew long list of incredible rules for dog-sitting, social media start cracking up!

Image by Tommy Rivers via Twitter

Taking care of a baby is a huge responsibility; well, even if it is just someone else’s baby dog.

A story posted online is currently making people laugh after a woman asked her nephew to take care of her pet dog, Pepper.

Twitter user Tommy Rivers, the nephew, agreed to look after his aunt’s dog for a few days but he did not expect that accompanying Pepper would be not as easy as a walk in the ballpark.

His aunt left her a noted that was pretty detailed, and everything Tommy needs to know about Pepper.

The list includes the exact amount of food that Pepper should be fed down to details Tommy cannot do.

Tommy posted the list on his Twitter account and it sure did make the readers go awww!

Since posting it last July 9, it has received over 57,000 retweets and more than 176,000 likes!

Netizens couldn’t get enough of Pepper and kept asking for updates.

In reply to people asking for updates, Tommy posted an adorable Photo of Pepper in her pajamas writing “Update: you made her really happy and now she’s going to bed lol”

Isn’t she so cute?