Look! Shopping mall installs ‘husband pods’ for bored husbands being dragged around shops by their wives

Image capture of video by World News via YouTube

Most of us would probably agree that women ‘take their time’ when they go shopping. Yes? More often than not, their husbands or boyfriend are bored and get irritable waiting for them.

Well, a shopping center in Shanghai has come up with a solution to save the harmony of couples at the time of shopping; a cabin where the husband can rest until his wife has finished with her shopping.

In a consumer-fevered China, the Global Harbor shopping center, which is home to a number of luxury boutiques, has just installed four “husbands rest”.

These transparent kiosks dubbed as ‘husband pods‘ are equipped with a massage chair and a screen where the harassed husband can watch his favorite show or play a video game.

Installation price: 40,000 Yuan or 5,900 USD per cabin.

The user can reserve a chair in advance using his mobile phone.

“Some husbands do not like shopping or spending time with their wives. They prefer to play video games or watch TV,” says Owen Wei; an Ingrem company manager who installed the cabins — a first in China.

“I think it’s a creative way for my husband to take a break from shopping, which men are often not interested in. It’s totally fine if he plays games there for half an hour while I’m trying on dresses and I don’t need his opinions,” says 35-year-old housewife Li Ting via the Star.

The shopping center plan to make the idea a trial for one month before they make it a permanent fixture.

Watch this video here by SupChina: