Look: ‘Suki’ Drug store staff console man whose Dad p*********y with heartfelt message via chocolate token

Image from James Hermogenes' Facebook account
  • Man whose father p*********y shared drug store staff’s sweet token of support
  • He thanked them for going the extra mile to help parents, said he appreciated their efforts
  • Netizens also praised staff for their hard work and service to customers

MANILA, Philippines  –  Staff of a well-known drug store are receiving praise for their touching gesture towards one man who recently lost his father.

In his Facebook account, James Hermogenes shared a picture of a Toblerone bar containing a short message of sympathy which he received from a staff member of Mercury Drug Bocaue Branch.

“Wala po akong alam na gamot pampasaya”, read the succinct message.  [I don’t know of any medicine that can make you happy]

Saying he appreciates the token, Hermogenes then thanked her and her fellow personnel for going out of their way to procure hard-to-find medicines for his father.

“Shout out to Rechel of Mercury Drug Bocaue Branch. I’ve been refunding some meds that Dad wasn’t able to use because he p*********y last week. Was surprised to see this. Thank you for tirelessly picking up meds from other branches so we can purchase them with less hassle. Thank you to your branchmates as well for the warm accommodation every time,” he said.

Hermogenes also thanked staff from Mercury Drug store’s branches in Balagtas and Meycauayan in Bulacan and V. Luna for going the extra mile for his parents’ sake.

“Thank you to Chacha , Eds and all of their branchmates in Mercury Drug Balagtas Bulacan. You guys have served my Mom and Dad well during the most trying moments of their lives up to their last breath. Thank you for making things lighter and easier for customers like us. Thank you as well to the staff of Mercury Drug Meycauayan and Mercury Drug V. Luna (when Mom had c****r) especially to Ruby,” he said.

Hermogenes added that he hopes the staff of Mercury Drug, despite being under-appreciated at times, continue to serve the people with sincerity and kindness.

Meanwhile, posted comments speak mostly of further praise to other branches of Mercury Drug nationwide.

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