LOOK: Taipei MRT transformed into sports venues for int’l sports event

Image from Taipei Travel's Facebook Page
  • Taipei City is soon to host the 29th Summer Universiade Games
  • Authorities have transformed the interiors of the train to look like sporting venues
  • The Universiade Games will transpire from August 19 to 30 

Taipei City will be hosting the 29th Summer Universiade Games next month and they sure want to build up the hype by converting the interiors of its subway trains to look like sporting venues.

Now, passengers of the Taipei MRT will feel like athletes as the floorings were decorated with a pool, a golf field, a track and field area, to name a few.

A feature posted via the Bored Panda said the project was managed by EasyCard Corporation and the tourism office of Taiwan.

The games will be held from August 19 to August 30.

The Universiade is considered as the second largest sporting event next to the Olympics. It sets up an avenue for university athletes around the world. It is organized by the International University Sports Federation.

Here’s a look at the interesting interiors and some fun poses of the passengers:

Image from Taipei Travel’s Facebook Page


Image from Taipei Travel’s Facebook Page


Image from Taipei Travel’s Facebook Page


Image from Didiforu’s Instagram


Image from chi._.851229’s Instagram
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