Man’s severed thumb replaced by big toe

Image from South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

• A man’s hand was kicked by a bull, severing his right thumb
• Surgeons tried two times to re-attach the man’s thumb with no success
• The doctors surgically attached a big toe where the man’s thumb was

Surgeons in an Australian hospital surgically attached a man’s big toe where his right thumb was. The victim’s thumb was severed after a bull kicked his hand.

According to Fox News, 20-year-old Zac Mitchell was working in a farm in Western Australia when a cow run him over and kicked his right hand, crushing his thumb against a gate. Zac said he saw his thumb still hanging on the gate when he got up.

His co-workers in the farm tried to preserve his thumb by placing it in a cooler with cold beers before he was airlifted to a hospital where surgeons tried two times to re-attach his thumb with no success.

Mitchell was initially hesitant when a doctor suggested replacing the severed thumb with his big toe. He said he hoped to have prosthetic thumb attached, but he eventually agreed to the doctor’s suggestion in order to regain full function of his hand.

“The surgeon explained that a prosthetic thumb was pretty pointless and useless in a way, so he talked me into getting my toe put on as sort of my last option,” Zac said.

Image from South Eastern Sydney Local Health District
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