Netizen shares alleged truth behind Noven Belleza r**e allegation

Image from Noven Belleza's Facebook account

MANILA, Philippines  –  Speculations are swirling on what really happened between “Tawag ng Tanghalan” grand champion Noven Belleza and the woman who accused her of r**e, which has recently been downgraded to ‘sexual assault’.

Netizens were quick to weigh in; with many believing Belleza is innocent and accused the girl of just using him for one reason or another. Others, however, chose to believe the singer is guilty; sans any verifiable information.

Belleza has been charged with ‘sexual assault’ but was granted temporary liberty after posting bail. He has yet to personally make a statement and his family refused to believe he could commit the crime.

ABS-CBN, meanwhile, said their talent has asserted his innocence and vowed to prove it in the course of legal proceedings.

“This is the truth behind the case of Noven Belleza”

Just recently, a netizen named Rosa Rethy shared on Facebook the alleged truth behind the scandal. Her post has since been removed but several netizens are still circulating it on social media.

Rosa said the story was told by the boyfriend of the victim whom she called ‘Ana’. The boyfriend is supposedly Belleza’s fellow contender in ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’.

Here’s an excerpt from the post but the whole story can be read below in a post shared by a Facebook user:

Noven went to Cebu for his stint as a guest in Vice Ganda’s concert last Saturday, July 15. Before his visit, Noven supposedly requested Ana to accompany him and show him around the city.

This was not a big deal to Ana and she even introduced him to her parents. Also, Ana’s boyfriend didn’t mind the arrangement since he knew Noven to be a harmless, nice guy.