No Erich, no problem: Xian Gaza sets sights on Daniel Matsunaga, asks him out for tea

Image from Xian S. Gaza's Facebook account
  • Colorful businessman asked actor out for tea after coffee offer rejected by actress
  • He also poked fun at snub, joked about burying his feelings for actress
  • Matsunaga yet to respond to invitation, Gonzales explained why she turned him down

MANILA, Philippines – If there’s one thing that can be said about Xian S. Gaza, it’s that he just does not give up.

After having his offer of a coffee date turned down by Erich Gonzales, the colorful businessman has now set his sights on Daniel Matsunaga — who incidentally happens to be the actress’ ex-boyfriend.

In a manner more subdued than his billboard proposal to Gonzales, Gaza asked the model-actor out for tea through his Facebook. To make sure the Japanese-Brazilian received the invitation, he tagged the latter’s account in his post which also came with a picture of them together.

“Daniel Matsunaga bro will you drink TEA with me? Sobrang TSAAkit ehh nyeam”, read his request.

Accused by several people of being a scammer and a famewhore, Gaza also poked fun at his rejection by Gonzales – even joking about cremating and burying his feelings at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

Gaza’s newest stunt came after Gonzales finally responded to his offer with a ‘no’ especially in light of the multiple allegations thrown at him.

“To be honest, regarding that issue, noong una, just like you guys, na-surprise ako. Natuwa naman ako sa effort. [But] as things unfolded, lumabas ‘yung mga exposé about him. Ako naman kasi personally, lahat naman ng supporters ko naa-appreciate ko lahat ng ginagawa nila, malaking bagay o maliit man ‘yan,” she said.

[To be honest, regarding that issue, at first, just like you guys, I was surprised. I felt flattered by his effort. [But] as things unfolded, the exposés about him came out. You know, I appreciate everything that my supporters do for me, whether big or small.]

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