Panelo slams Kuwaiti Times’ ‘excessively stupid’ Duterte cartoons

Image from Kuwaiti Times
Image from Kuwaiti Times via Silent No More

MANILA, Philippines  –  Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo has lambasted the Kuwaiti Times for publishing cartoons which projected President Rodrigo Duterte as, among others, a murderer.

In a statement, Panelo described the Middle East English-language newspaper’s caricature of the Philippine leader as “excessively stupid” and “destructively moronic” and supposedly does not represent the true sentiment of the majority of the Filipinos.

“Those Kuwaiti Times cartoons in so far as it projects PRRD as a murderer is excessively stupid, destructively moronic, outrightly malicious and the exact opposite of reality as evidenced by the latest high survey rating and the overwhelming support of the majority of the Filipinos given the President as well as the approval to PRRD’s declaration of Martial Law by Congress and the Supreme Court,” GMA News has quoted  Panelo as saying in a statement on Sunday, July 9.

Image from Kuwaiti Times

Several cartoons have been published by the Kuwaiti Times depicting Duterte as a murderer and a human rights violator. Others were hugely critical of Duterte’s bloody war on illegal drugs.

These include one showing the Philippine president with four guns crossing beyond the human rights violation ‘yellow tape’.

Another showed Duterte as supposedly one of the people to avoid at all cost in the Philippines. In this depiction published last May 29, it showed the President holding a gun as member of the ‘Moron Liberation Front’ along with the caricatures of M.I.L.F, B.I.F.F, Abu Sayyaf, Maute Group and Daesh (ISIS) fighters from Southeast Asia.