“Previously on AMC’s The Walking Dead” voice actor dies in skydiving accident

Image by Facebook, The Walking Dead

A sad moment for Randy Schell’s family, friends, and millions of zombie-drama fans across the world as the voice actor dies after a tragic skydiving accident.

The actor, whose voice kept fans excited for each episode as he says the famous line ‘Previously on AMC’s The Walking Dead’, died after he collided with another experienced, licensed diver during a jump at Skydive Spaceland near Houston, Texas on Saturday afternoon.

‘Skydive Spaceland’ confirmed two skydivers collided mid air during a group skydive on that day.

They said the jumpers deployed their parachutes normally but the collision led to Schell’s parachute collapsing.

Both were reportedly licensed and experienced jumpers and have completed at least one successful skydive earlier on in the day.

The second diver whose identity is not known, suffered injuries to his leg.

According to the Houston Chronicle, skydiving deaths are incredibly uncommon; with the US Parachute Association stating just 21 people out of 3.2 million jumps died last year in America.

Aside from The Walking Dead, Randy Schell had done work for well known brands including McDonald’s , 20th Century Fox, Coco Cola, Nike and others.

His distraught agent, Jenny Josby, told KHOU that he was loved by everyone he worked with.

She said: “He had a remarkable golden voice, he knew what to do with it. He’s an all-round great person who everyone loved working with.”

Jenny added that he was always professional and a brilliant producer and engineer. “He was a great friend, a great man and a great client, “ she said.


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