Stampede in Senegal stadium causes it to collapse, 8 people died

Image capture of video by AFP
  • Eight people died after a stadium in Senegal collapsed at the end of a football match
  • Fans of both teams clashed after the match
  • Panic spread when police fired tear gas at clashing supporters of both teams

Eight people were killed when a portion of the Demba Diop Stadium in Senegal collapsed after a stampede broke out following a clash between supporters of two football teams at the end of their final match on Saturday, July 15.

According to SCMP, fans of one of the football teams began throwing stones at the fans of the other team; causing spectators to rush for the exit. Panic spread in the stadium after police reportedly fired tear gas at clashing supporters from both teams; leading to the collapse of a part of the stadium’s wall.

“All of a sudden when the wall fell … we knew exactly that some of our own had lost their lives because the wall fell directly onto people,” said Cheikh Maba Diop; a witness who helped evacuate injured fans from the stadium and lost a friend in the tragedy.

One of the spectators criticized the lack of security in the stadium.

 “What I find terrible is that we have this kind of final in this kind of stadium here where there isn’t enough security,” Mara De Diouf said.

At least 49 others were injured in the incident. A large number of firefighters and ambulances were deployed on the scene.


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