[Watch] 70-year-old Korean YouTuber doing vlogs like a millennial!

Image capture of a video by Korean Grandma via Youtube
  • A 70-year-old grandma makes vlogs to avoid acquiring Alzheimer’s disease 
  • She gets help from her granddaughter who was a former acting instructor 
  • She now has over 277,000 subscribers on Youtube 

Whoever said that the internet and vlogging (video blogging) are for the young ones are proven wrong by this phenomenal Youtube user from South Korea.

Age is just a number and it didn’t stop 70-year-old Park Makrye to do Youtube videos that are equally entertaining compared to her younger counterparts.

The Associated Press recently featured Park and how her videos has been a hit online.

She was encouraged by her granddaughter, a former acting instructor, to make Youtube vlogs earlier this year so she could fight Alzheimer’s disease. A doctor has told her grandmother that she is prone to acquiring the disease just like her three sisters.

Prior to hosting her Youtube videos, Park simply spends her time manning the diner she owns.

It was a life that is “d**d like rotten bean sprouts”, as she described. But now, after hitting more than 277,000 subscriber, Park is a celebrity.

She even got deals with big companies such as Lotte and Samsung for endorsements.

Among the interesting things she is vlogging these days are make up tutorials. Well, cosmetics and skin care are a favorite in South Korea, after all.

Watch some of her entertaining vlogs here:

You may also check her out on Instagram where she now has over 180,000 followers:


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