Watch! Adorable kitten named ‘Twerk’ goes viral!

Image capture of video by Humane Animal Rescue via Facebook

A kitten with a strange neurological disorder behaves as if it’s dancing!

The 3-month-old kitten was recovered from an animal shelter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

She suffers from a condition called hypoplasia of the cerebellum, which manifests itself in a series of jerky movements and which, fortunately, does not put her life in danger at all.

The employees who care for it called it Twerk; named after a dance movement.

“Twerk is a cat with special needs, the condition of which is similar to that of humans struggling with cerebral palsy, where a problem has arisen during the development of her brain,” explains shelter director Dan Rossi via KCBD.

As a lovely kitten, Twerk can expect to live a very normal life. Several people have expressed interest in Twerk since his arrival at the shelter.

For Twerk, it will be a life full of dancing and whole lot of love.

Watch Twerks story here.