Watch: MMA fighter takes on smaller Nepalese guard; learns ‘lesson’ the hard way

Image capture from Discover Subang Jaya video via Facebook

A foreigner MMA fighter in Malaysia learned the lesson on ‘never underestimate someone half your size’ the hard way.

This incident took place in a condominium building in Subang Jaya recently. It is the same place guarded by the Nepalese security officer in the viral video uploaded on the Facebook page Discover Subang Jaya.

According to the post, the foreigner was looking for his friend who was staying in the building to collect a debt. Apparently, the friend gave the guard an instruction not to let the MMA fighter in. He also refused to go down.

The man insisted on going up but the guard refused; leading to a heated argument.

In the video, the foreigner can be seen taunting the guard who appears unthreatened despite the enemy’s huge frame.

“Then he took out his sweater and [was] eager to fight the guard. He threw the first punch before any of video was taken. He did not say sorry whatsoever, after he threw the punch. They were both kicking at each other in between the incidents before he was brought down by multiple guards,” the caption read.

In the video, the MMA fighter kicked the guard, but was surprised when the latter aimed for his leg, losing his footing and eventually ended being ganged up on by other baton-wielding guards.

The foreigner supposedly kept on boasting about his MMA skills despite being pinned to the ground and even told police “that he is very active in the martial arts or Muay Thai, but he chose not to fight the guards further.”

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