Wife in husband’s murder apparently witnessed by a ‘foul-mouthed’ parrot convicted

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While this foul-mouthed bird was not accepted as a witness in court, its ability to impersonate the victim’s final words before the latter was shot dead apparently helped in convicting the suspect, who is no other than the wife herself.

The murder case involved Glenna Duram, from Michigan, who was accused of killing her 46-year-old husband, Martin, by shooting him five times inside their home in Sand Lake back in May 2015.

There was no witness to the killing except Bud, the African Grey parrot who was the victim’s pet.

After the murder, Bud was turned over to Christina Keller, Martin’s ex-wife. According to Keller, Bud has been repeating the words “Don’t f***ing shoot” in Martin’s voice.

She believes those were the final words Martin spoke before Glenna shot him to death. Other words Bud repeated are “get out” and “where will I go?” interjected with expletives.

Earlier, Martin’s mother, Lilian also thinks Bud may hold the key to Glenna’s participation in the crime.

“That bird picks up everything and anything, and it’s got the filthiest mouth around,” she said.

On Wednesday, the Newaygo County jury deliberated for about 8 hours before finally convicting Mrs. Duram in her husband’s murder in trial that lasted for only 10 days. She will be sentenced next month.

Earlier, the prosecutor moved for the parrot to be accepted to the witness stand, but the request was denied. Its squawkings was also initially considered as evidence in court, but that, too, was dismissed.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Duram was still found guilty and Bud may have just ratted on the wife and helped the prosecutors in seeking her conviction.

An early report on the story:

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