Woman caught at Hong Kong border trying to smuggle 102 iPhones taped to her body

Images from Oriental Daily

A woman from Hong Kong was a******d at a border after she was caught trying to smuggle more than a hundred iPhones and a dozen watches into Mainland China late last month.

Oriental Daily said in its article that the Shenzen border police became suspicious of the woman because her dress appeared bulky and her stride looked unusual.

The police ordered her to step into a scanner which immediately sounded the alarm.

The woman was wearing multiple layers of dress to hide the items, authorities discovered, after ushering her into an interrogation room to conduct a search.

Authorities recovered from the suspect 102 units of iPhones and 15 Tissot watches; all taped to her chest and waist.

The bulk weighed around 20 kilograms in total, customs officials said.

The woman could face up to three years in prison if the court finds she is a repeat offender. She may have to pay the tax for the items she tried to illegally bring inside, as per the Mainland laws.