Woman’s tweet request for a wedding date ends in marriage 3 years later!

Image via Twitter by @Llia

Every now and then, we hear of stories that would make us believe that something is meant to be.

This is what happened to this newly wed couple who, three years ago, were complete strangers.

In 2014, Llia Apostolou sent out a desperate, and at the same time, hilarious plea for a wedding date on her Twitter.

And a man named Phil Gibson replied to her tweet; saying he is game and even has a suit already to wear!

“See you at the altar,” wrote back by Llia.

Well, the exchange of tweets didn’t end there.

“It’s a date! Just a date though, right?” Gibson responded.

After he said his grandma was excited to meet her, Llia replied: ‘That’s nice and all, but I didn’t invite her to my wedding. No, wait, THE wedding. Slip of the tongue.’

Later they said that Phil didn’t actually go with her to her sister’s wedding, but they arranged to meet up for a drink that week.


Three years later, their love story came in full circle on July 5, 2017 when they got married at the altar.

Writing on her blog, Llia described how she ‘tried to swat away the feeling that I was heading towards a moment that would change my life forever.’

She even tweeted, “Almost exactly three years later, I can say … Reader, I married him.”

Destiny? Looks like. We never know when or where love will bloom. Sure thing is —  this is a real Twitter love story.