4 Maute Group hostages who manage to escape say they saw Omar Maute two times

Image capture of video by GMA News
  • Four hostages of the Maute group who escaped narrated their harrowing experience while in captivity
  • The four said they swam in Lanao Lake for more than 1 kilometer before they were rescued by the Philippine Navy
  • The men said they saw Omar Maute two times 

Four men who were held hostage by the Maute terror group escaped their captors in Marawi City by swimming in Lanao Lake for more than a kilometer and were eventually rescued by the Philippine Navy on August 4.

According to GMA, the four narrated that they escaped in the middle of the night while the terrorists guarding them were asleep. They said there were at least 20 young fighters of the terrorist group guarding them.

While in captivity, the four said they were kept inside Bato Mosque where they served as cooks for the terror group members and other hostages. Several wounded terrorists were housed at the mosque.

“May mga putol ang paa, putol ang kamay, may tama ng sniper [there were some who lost their legs, lost their arms and were hit by snipers],” one rescued hostage said.

The four said Catholic priest Fr. Teresito Suganob is still alive and is being tasked by the Maute Group to collect the black powder in firecrackers like “Piccolo” that would be used to make improvised explosive device.

They also said they saw Maute Group leader Omar Maute two times, but did not see Isnilon Hapilon.