Ageless beauty: ‘Then and Now’ photo of Sunshine Cruz becomes an Instagram favorite

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  • “Then and Now” photo of actress Sunshine Cruz becomes Instagram favorite 
  • The photo shows Cruz when she was 16 and 40 years old
  • Many people online amazed with her ageless beauty

A “Then and Now” photo of actress Sunshine Cruz has become an Instagram favorite since it was posted by the actress.

Using her official Instagram account, Cruz shared two pictures of her.

“16 years old and 40 years old,” she captioned the photo.

Many people online find it amazing how she manages to stay beautiful and young-looking over the years. Some even said that she even looks prettier and younger now.

A lot of Instagram users commented on the photo.

“Ok its official. The fountain of youth is here. And Ms. Sunshine Cruz is keeping it. Spread the word,” wrote  @estongyamot.

“Not much difference though. The real beauty of a woman radiates from within! Keep that light shining, gorgeous!” wrote @_globetrekker.

“A vampire indeed. Mas mukhang 16 at the age of 40,” commented @jing16luvsmaja.

“More gorgeous now, Miss Shine! That’s why I adore you. It’s like you found the fountain of youth,” said @cireyam.

“Nothing has been changed! Before and after seems the same indeed,” @czengjumawan stated.

The photos have already gained over 18,700 favorites!

16 years old and 40 years old. ??

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