Angel Locsin responds to comments on Instagram calling her “maarte, mataba, ayaw pasampal”

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When you’re someone popular, celebrity or not, you sometimes just kind of get accustomed to all the hate comments from people –calling you ugly, fat, annoying and all the other negative traits in the world and they just usually let it pass without batting an eyelash.

But not this time because one of our favorite actresses have had enough. Angel Locsin goes off on Instagram when one particular Instagram user called @rocky_sam_oh commented on her post — saying she’s indeed pretty but unfortunately she’s fat and quickly added how she’s too sensitive about being slapped in the face for a shoot.

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Well, Angel didn’t let it slide. She instead replies;  denying any rumour that she didn’t want any slapping involved. There was not even a talk about it so she questions where the netizen got the information from since there was no interview about it at all and whoever wrote it probably just invented the whole thing and the netizen was stupid enough to believe it.

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It didn’t stop there, however, as the netizen retorted back and clarified how they heard it not from her but from her co-star Angelica Panganiban in a new film.

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All comments about the issue have now been deleted but many fans have come to the defense of the 32-year-old actress.

Apparently, the rumour stemmed from an interview with Angelica Panganiban where she said that there was no physical fight between their characters in their new movie because they purposefully avoided it for Angel’s sake and she was fine with it.

Back in 2012, they also had a film entitled One More Try where there was some kind of tension between the two actors because apparently, the confrontational scene became too real that one of them got hurt but they have since ironed their differences and has become good friends.

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