Boy with autism gets plank of wood nailed to head after bullies attack

Image capture of video via Daily Mail

A nine-year-old boy with autism was left with a plank of wood impaled on his head after bullies attacked him on his way home from his grandmother.

Romeo Smith was trailing behind Natasha, his mother, on the way home which wasn’t unusual according to her since he always liked to occasionally stop by and look at things because of his autism and it wasn’t until Natasha has reached their house that she noticed he was gone so she sent out his father, Craig to find him.

His father found him up a tree with three boys taunting him with sticks and calling him names. They only left him alone when they saw his Dad coming. When they were walking home, one of them threw a plank of wood to Romeo and it stuck at the back of his head.

The young boy had to be taken to Mansfield King’s Mill Hospital and they found out that about an inch of the nail was lodged into the back of his head and it bent when it hit his skull. He was given medication and immediately removed the nail.

Natasha adds that she still considers him lucky because it could have been worse. The nail was so dirty, the doctors had to give Romeo antibiotics and he’s been really brave about it according to his mother. They don’t know if the attack had anything to do with his condition but they do think the bullies targeted him because they thought he was vulnerable.

When Natasha was asked what she would tell those kids who did this to Romeo, she said, ” I would tell them to stop bullying others.I would tell them to stop the name calling and the violence. I don’t want this to happen to another child.”