Brit actress takes refuge inside restaurant freezer during Barcelona terror attack

Image via holbytv IG

A British actress hid herself in a restaurant freezer during the Barcelona terror attack.

Laila Rouass who starred in Spooks, Holby City and Footballer’s Wives posted in her Twitter account how she hid in the freezer while caught up amid the outrage that k****d more than a dozen innocent people and injured a hundred.

Her tweet reads: “In the middle of the attack. Hiding in a restaurant freezer. Happened so fast. Praying for the safety of everyone here.”

She mentioned in her other tweets she heard gunshots, and armed police searching the area, looking for someone. The whole area was in lock down with police everywhere, she added.

The grateful actress then wrote:“Thank you to the staff at the restaurant for staying calm and keeping us safe. I love you Barcelona.”

At least 13 people were k****d and around a hundred were injured when the vehicle struck the pedestrians causing a horrific incident to Las Ramblas.

The Islamic State has claimed to have been the ones responsible for the terror attack.