Carrot with Carats? Missing diamond engagement ring found 13 years later wrapped around a carrot

Image capture of CTV News via YouTube

What’s the value of a carrot with carats?

Well, a woman from Alberta lost her diamond engagement ring while gardening 13 years ago, and voila! Her daughter-in-law found it in the middle of a carrot growing on the family farm.

Collen Daley, the wife of Mary Grams’ son, discovered the ring lost in 2004 when she pulled a weird-shaped carrot from the family kitchen garden last week. The vegetable had literally grown with the ring attached to it.

Grams recounts the day when she lost the ring.

When days of searching proved futile, she decided not to tell her husband. “I didn’t tell him, even, because I thought for sure he’d give me heck or something,” she said. “Then I finally went to the jeweler and bought a cheap ring. I only told my son, I didn’t tell nobody else.”

The missing ring remained a secret until earlier this week.

Daley didn’t know the misshaped vegetable she had in her pail had a value carat until she washed it up. There, in the middle of a carrot, was a diamond ring.

“I recognized it right away,” said Grams. “They found it yesterday when my daughter-in-law was digging carrots for supper.”

Daley briefly contemplated feeding the malformed carrot to her dog, but decided against it, only to later notice the ring as she was washing the carrot.

“It was pretty weird-looking,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Want to see it? CTV News shared a video via YouTube: