Did Solenn issue a ‘prank ban’ on husband Nico Bolzico?

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If you follow Solenn Heusaff and husband Nico Bolzico on Instagram, you would know that is totally the ultimate prank master but it seems that lately Nico hasn’t pulled anything on his wife for a while now so many people are wondering: Has Solenn banned her husband from making pranks?

Nico admitted that after the last one he pulled on his wife where he let Solenn use the blow dryer he previously filled with powder and she ended up looking like ghost, he had intentionally stopped doing it. When he was asked why, he just said it didn’t exactly thrill the actress as much as he would have thought.

Here’s the video of the whole thing he posted on instagram:

According to Nico, she got upset about it and made him clean their bathroom three times and asked him to turn it down a little bit because it was starting to get over the top.

Do I need to caption this? Since I am already d**d I decided to go all out! #wifezillaisgoingtokillme

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Here is Nico channeling his inner Solenn

But he did assure the people, during an interview at the launch of their new endorsement Kenny Rogers Roaster’s garlic butter roast,  that this isn’t the end of prankster Nico because he’s been doing it since he was practically a kid and the only problem now is that the person he’s pranking isn’t anyone ordinary, but a celebrity.

In a different interview, he also mentioned how his Instagram posts are a reflection of his personality and how his life really is and even his hilarious captions are unintended because that’s really just who he is.

“I have a rule with captions–whatever I write, I cannot erase. So it stays real,” he added.

Here are some cute snapshots of the couple along with his witty infamous captions.

Hiding from Wifezila! #camouflage #ipromiseiwillmakeaseriouspostthistrip #butitisnotthisone

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Here’s how they celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary!

Are they just not the cutest? Talk about relationship goals, right? We’ll be awaiting your next prank, Nico!



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