Different from Kian: Pasig police chief says gun-toting 16-year-old nabbed alive due to non-resistance

Image capture from ABS-CBN's YouTube video
  • Pasig police chief compared slain Grade 11 student’s case with minor nabbed for carrying gun
  • He said the 16-year-old they a******d alive because he did not resist the policemen
  • He urged public not to stereotype major anti-drug campaigns as automatically bloody
  • He also said deaths not the criteria for a successful police operation

MANILA, Philippines  –  The police chief of Pasig City has compared the case of the Grade 11 student slain during a major anti-drug operation Caloocan City and to a 16-year-old they a******d for carrying a gun.

According to Senior Supt. Orlando Yebra Jr., the minor came out alive because he did not resist the arresting policemen.

“This is different on the case of Kian,” he told the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “He was alive because he did not resist arrest from policemen.”

Operatives who carried out the raid in the barangay Delos Santos lived in claimed he shot at them and attempted to escape. However, barangay CCTV footage showing two plainclothes policemen dragging off a man alleged to be Delos Santos has cast doubt on their claim.

Yerba also urged the public not to generalize major anti-drug operations as automatically bloody; saying the police also do not want any casualties if it can be helped.

“I hope that there’s no misconception,” he said. “OTBT (one-time, big-time) does not mean there will be killings. Other cities just have a higher number of casualties because their suspects are palaban [fight back].”

Yerba added that deaths should not be the indicator of a successful police operation, but rather the number of suspects captured alive.

“It is a focused police operation,” he said. “Deaths should not be a criteria whether a one-time, big-time is successful or not.”