Dozens K****d in Alexandria Train Crash

Image capture of video by New China TV via YouTube

Two passenger trains have collided in the coastal city of Alexandria resulting in dozens of fatalities and injuring more than 120 others.

Train No. 13 traveling from Cairo to Alexandria collided with train No. 571 en route from Port Said to Alexandria.

As per official’s statement, the collision happened when the train from Cairo hit the rear carriages of the latter train. The driver of the Train no. 13 has been a******d and is currently being interrogated.

Preliminary reports suggest the train driver failed to see the red signal light. One of the witnesses is quoted saying, “the trains rose into the air forming a pyramid as they slammed into each other.”

The d***h toll in Egypt’s train crash incident rises to 49, with authorities saying they expect the number to go up as more bodies are pulled from the wreckage.

Meanwhile, six Egyptian emergency workers have been sanctioned for taking selfies with their mobile phones at the scene of the railway disaster.

Photos of an ambulance crew taking portraits in front of the wreckage of one of the injured trains caused anger on social networks. A surfer posted a photo of the rescuers accompanied by a hashtag clamor:

Ahmed al-Ansari, the director of emergency services at the Ministry of Health, told that the six rescuers had been transferred to the Siwa oasis as a punishment. .

This latest collision is the deadliest since 2012, when more than 50 people, mostly school children, were k****d following the collision of a train and a school bus.