Duterte offers P2-M bounty for cops-hitmen working for Parojinog

Image from KDN Files

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte has offered a P2-M bounty for each of the cops who are working as hitmen for the Parojinog family in Ozamis City.

“Like the policemen who are now shortlisted in the killing of so many civilians buried in a cemetery there at the back of a barangay hall. Each of you, those policemen, carry on their head now, I am announcing two million per head,” Duterte said on Wednesday during the 116th anniversary of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Camp Crame.

Duterte’s announcement of rewards for rouge cops came amid reports that the Parojinogs are employing the services of local policemen to k**l their enemies and whoever defies their orders in the city.

“And you are free to go and leave,” said the President. “P2 million per head, d**d or alive. “Better d**d because I have to pay for the funeral parlor expense.”

Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, his wife Susan and 13 others were k****d in a predawn raid in their house last week. Two of his children, including Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog are in police custody.

The PNP has also announced on Wednesday it has uncovered several human and animal bones in a mass grave in Barangay Cogon. The mass grave is believed to be where the syndicate with ties to the Parojinogs buried their victims after executing them.

Meanwhile, Duterte vowed to protect the police officers involved in the bloody Ozamis raid and even those in the killing of Albuerra, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa last year.

“They will have my protection. Not to disrupt justice. I will allow justice to run,” Duterte said. “But there is a time where a president will have a part of it. And that is where I can assure you: You will have the justice that we all want. Remember that.”