Emotional Ynna Asistio to her late dad: “Please visit me in my dreams, I want to feel you”

Images via Instagram

Actress Ynna Asistio penned an emotional letter for her late dad, former Caloocan Mayor Macario “Boy” Asistio; asking him to visit her in her dreams.

On Instagram, the young celebrity poured her heart out through a letter for her father who died last February due to cardiac arrest. She told him she misses him every day and things are getting even harder for her as time goes by.

“Hi, Dad! How are you up there? I miss you everyday and habang tumatagal mas humihirap, sometimes I try to brush off the hurt and pain I feel every time I remember you but sometimes I just can’t. I miss your smile, I miss your kiss and random hugs and I miss hearing your voice and getting calls from you,” Ynna expressed.

She also shared a piece of good news to her dad — the start of her career as a recording artist.

“Dad, I signed my recording contract already. Alam ko kung buhay ka pa ikaw pinakamagiging masaya na binalita ko sa ‘yo ‘yon. My dreams are slowly coming true and I’m doing all this for you. I know you’re smiling up there, Dad,” she wrote. [I know that you would be the happiest person for me if you were still alive.]

Before she ended her letter, Ynna asked him to visit her in her dreams.

“You are my greatest fan when it comes to my singing. It maybe different now but I know you are happy for me. I love you so much. Please visit me in my dreams, I want to feel you, Dad. Keep watching over us. I love you, I love you!” she expressed.

The 25-year-old celebrity, whose real name is Alynna Alexandra Asistio, is Boy’s daughter with actress Nadia Montenegro.