Facebook will intensify fight against fake news and will report it to users

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Facebook will now notify its users when content has been analyzed by fact checkers to prevent the spread of false news.

After analyzing numerous deceptive content, the social networking giant has targeted several criteria in order to allow its algorithm to identify suspicious links more easily.

Facebook intends to increase the volume of content transmitted to its partner organizations, such as Snopes, Factcheck.org or Politifact, which ensure the veracity of shared links on social networks.

“We don’t want to be and are not the arbiters of the truth,” Facebook News Feed integrity product manager Tessa Lyons told TechCrunch. “The fact checkers can give the signal of whether a story is true or false.”

If the content does not pass the test, Facebook will indicate that the link was not considered reliable, indicating which verifier disputes its authenticity, and the algorithm will make it less visible in the news feeds.

The United States, France, Germany and the Netherlands are the first to test this new tool.

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