Filipino gets insulted, called a pig by white couple because he burped

Image capture of video via Angelo Cabuang's Twitter post

What’s in a burp?

A Filipino who couldn’t contain his burp reportedly received unpleasant remarks from a white same-s*x couple in a supermarket on Quail Lakes Drive in Stockton, California.

I literally burped at Save Mart and a racist couple reacted by calling us pigs and telling us to go back to Filipinoville. Who hurt you?” Angelo Cabuang wrote on his Twitter account on Sunday, August 13, sharing footages of his mother’s argument with the racist couple.

In the first video, Cabuang’s mother was heard defending themselves against the couple’s harsh comments towards them. She said it was an act of discrimination where they were told to leave the country.

The squabble went on. “Do not say the F word to my kid,” the mother raised her voice pointing her finger to the woman in white who responded saying: “You don’t walk around acting like a pig.”

His post earned mixed reactions from netizens, where the majority took to his side.

Cabuang said he’s thankful though for the love and support he’s been getting from the people commenting and retweeting his posts.

One commenter shared the same sentiment; saying she also had an incident with them a year ago at her former job, and that the two are both garbage.