Florida toddler d**s after being forgotten in the school vehicle

Image capture of video by USA Today

A three-year-old child was found d**d Monday night in a vehicle in Orlando, Florida.

The boy, Myles Hill, was reportedly forgotten by her teachers for several hours according to the police investigation.

“We pray for Myles’ family. They are experiencing their worst nightmare,” said city police chief John Mina.

The latter held a press briefing Tuesday to clarify the circumstances on the d***h of the child.

Little Myles would have remained at the back of the minibus of the daycare that he attended for nearly 12 hours.

“All the other kids had been pulled out of the vehicle, but the teachers were not aware that Myles was still inside.”

According to the police chief, the driver of the van would have picked up several children at home to take them to the day care center and then set off to park a few streets away, without realizing that a child was still on board.

“One of the employees confessed on questioning that no counting of the children had been done yesterday morning,” said John Mina.

It was the grandmother of the toddler who called the police Monday night when Myles did not arrive at their home by 6pm.

The daycare workers checked the minibus and discovered the body of the child.

The driver of the vehicle could face charges, Orlando police said.