Go girl! Woman dumps boyfriend for proposing with too small ring to force her to lose weight

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  • A woman from South Wales broke up with her boyfriend over his inappropriate engagement stunt
  • Chloe Cooper’s boyfriend gave her a small ring despite her built to force her to lose weight
  • She said her former flame had been emotionally abusive to her

When it comes to losing weight, it should, first and foremost, be an individual’s personal decision.

That’s what Chloe Cooper of South Wales made clear to her former boyfriend who inappropriately proposed to her with a very small ring to force her to lose weight.

“You can wear it when you lose weight,” was her ex-boyfriend’s words to her as he offered the ring.

Chloe, then weighing 14 stones, did not take this sitting down. She dumped the guy who she said had been an emotionally abusive partner to her.

Her story was featured in an article posted on the Daily Mail on August 10.

According to the feature, Chloe has had issues with her weight ever since she was young.

She had been with her former boyfriend starting age 16. They lived together but Chloe said he was the source of her insecurities.

“He was five years older and Chloe claims he quickly became emotionally abusive towards her, often ‘pushing’ her to eat food so that she wouldn’t be attractive to anyone else,” wrote the Daily Mail story.

She eventually joined a weight loss activity that introduced her to boxing and weightlifting. Through this, she met her new boyfriend and fiancé.