‘Healing microchip’ can reprogram cells to treat wounds, stroke, etc., without use of drug or operation

Image capture of video by OSU Wexner Medical Center via Youtube

A ‘healing chip’ which can possibly fix most injuries externally and internally, all without the need for an operation has been developed by a team from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT) uses a small chip to inject genetic code into a person’s skin cells. It then reprograms the skin cells into other types of cells to help in treating wounds and worse conditions.

According to the scientist’s statement, the chip is loaded with DNA or genetic information for a specific cell which needs to be created. The chip is then placed over the injured area and a small electrical current is run through it. The current passes on the information from the chip to the skin cells, where they will take root and start the reprogramming process.

One of the lab tests, was done to a “lab rat” who had an injured leg which had little to no blood flow at all. The TNT chip successfully helped transform skin cells into blood vessels, which miraculously allowed blood to flow to the leg again, in just two weeks.

In another test, they were reportedly able to grow brain cells from mouse skin. The brain cells were later harvested then injected into a mouse that had a damaged brain due to stroke. They restored brain function to mice after a stroke.

The mouse’s brain was fully healed in just a few weeks, as well as the badly injured legs on mice; both with a single touch of this device.

Due to the very promising experiment results, the researchers are confident that human trials can begin within a year.

Dr. Chandan Sen, director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Cell-Based Therapies at the Ohio State University, stated that the chip could also be tasked to reprogram other cells in the body, not just the skin.

The medical, technological breakthrough has the potential to act as a starting point for developing less risky, non-invasive procedures to treat internal injuries. This simply means people with internal injuries could one day be helped without operation, or the need to cut them open.

Watch the technology explained more via Youtube video: