Heart Evangelista refuses to comment on latest Marian Rivera issue

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It has been six long years since the alleged conflict between Heart Evangelista and Maria Rivera during the making of the movie Temptation Island in 2011 but the media evidently hasn’t forgotten about it as they asked Heart for a comment on the latest issue about Marian.

Rumor has it that Marian Rivera allegedly showed ‘attitude’ towards Andrea Torres who happens to be Dingdong Dantes’ leading lady in the primetime show Alyas Robin Hood. Both parties denied the allegations.

The press couldn’t help but ask what Heart can say about it since she was in an almost similar situation as Andrea then with the same couple involved but she refused to say anything about it.

In an interview with Pep during the grand presscon for the new primetime series in GMA, she just said,  “Well, what do I say? No comment. Sorry. I want to but, you know, I choose not to. I really choose not to.”

Many people would also usually compare the clothes, bags or luxurious items that they both have and some seem to think they aren’t coincidental, but all she had to say about it was that Marian works hard for what she has and she’s happy for her. She considers herself just as hardworking and said “so buy the world, if you must, to make you happy.”

“You have to remind yourself, your life is amazing. Sometimes you forget, sometimes you take that for granted. And then, this negative other fellow says negative things about you. And they keep going, they keep punching you. You try not to fight back, they still punch you. But then, that’s when you have to realize that you have an amazing life, remember that,” Heart explains with regards to bashers online that she used to always engage with.

She also said she considers it a sin to even pay attention to these people since the Lord have given so much blessings and she has nothing to complain about when her career and family life is doing great.

“You have to learn to just laugh at it,” she added.


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