Hippo k***s grandmother during African Safari Travel

Image by Wikimedia Commons and modetzfuneralhomes

A 75-year-old grandmother from Michigan, died after being attacked by a hippopotamus on a safari.

Carol Kirken, a longtime activist, philanthropist and a business woman active in her community was on a safari in Tanzania when a hippopotamus attacked her, reported the Miami Herald.

According to National Geographic, hippos are the most dangerous mammals in Africa. They are unpredictable and very aggressive. The dominant males can weigh over 6, 000 pounds while females and other males are between 3,500 and 4,500 pounds.

The grandmother, who was traveling with her family, died in her son’s arms.

“Our cherished Carol Kirken died in Tanzania on August 5th. She was on her annual holiday with family members for an African safari. Having (passed) 75 years old, she was resolutely shooting for 100. She would have surely achieved it if not for this accident. Carol died quickly in the arms of her son Robert. We are shocked and saddened at her early departure from our lives,” the family wrote in her obituary.