Jollibee apologizes over ‘discrimination’ of a transgender transcriber

Images from Bunny Cadag's Facebook post

MANILA, Philippines  –  Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), the mother company of fastfood chain Jollibee, has apologized to a member of the LGBT who cried discrimination after not being asked to return to one of its offices on the second session of his scheduled evaluation interview.

In a Facebook post by one Bunny Cadag, he narrated how a Human Capitol Development (HCD) manager called him to explain that JFC is not yet ready for the ‘LGBT culture’ and not very welcoming to the idea of having a transgender inside their room.

Cadag said he sought explanation and filed a complaint thru email, and even called the Customer Service, to air his grievances, but never got a reply.

Cadag then took to social media to express his disappointment with the treatment he received from Jollibee. His post has gone viral on social media with more than 2700 shares and over 8,000 reactions.

(His full post can be read below)

Image from Jollibee

On Thursday, Jollibee released a statement apologizing to Cadag over the incident.

“We assure everyone that this is an isolated incident as JFC (Jollibee Foods Corp) does not in any way tolerate any disrespect, discrimination, harassment, violation, or intimidation of any person, consistent with our company policy on diversity and inclusion,” the statement read.

 “This experience has taught us that we should further heighten awareness and understanding of this policy across the organization,” the statement added.

Bunny Cadag’s story: