Labor group asks Pres. Duterte to prod wage board to hike wage to P675 per day

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  • A labor group is urging President Duterte to declare a nationwide across-the-board wage hike of P184 per day
  • The ALU-TUCP urged the President to use his many options to effect a just minimum wage hike
  • The labor group noted that the last significant wage increase was in 1989

A labor group urged President Rodrigo Duterte to use his many options to effect a just minimum wage hike nationwide.

The Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP) is asking for an across-the-board wage hike of P184 per day on top of the legislated P491 daily minimum wage in Metro Manila, or a total of P675.

The ALU-TUCP, according to GMA, said the suggested wage hike would keep workers afloat amid falling purchasing power and rising cost of living.

“President Duterte can text or call the wage board and prod them the amount of wage increase that he desires and it will be done,” the group said in a statement on Sunday, August 6.

The group added that the President could “issue a presidential executive order mandating a wage increase amount needed by workers and their families to cope with and survive amid increasing prices of goods and services.”

The labor group’s spokesman, Alan Tanjusay, noted that the last time workers experienced a significant wage hike was twenty eight years ago when the late President Cory Aquino gave a P25 across-the-board daily wage increase.

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