Look! ‘Chicken Trump’ inflatable just outside the White House

Image capture of a video by The Telegraph via Youtube
  • A chicken inflatable wearing Trump’s hairstyle sits outside the White House
  • The 10-foot inflatable was installed by artist Taran Singh Brar
  • Brar wants to send the message of how chicken of a leader Trump is for him

An eye-catching giant inflatable of a chicken donning a hairstyle very much like US President Donald Trump was found near the White House.

The 10-foot inflatable of a chicken with a golden Trump-hairstyle was installed before the President’s official residence by documentarist Taran Singh Brar.

According to a story posted on the New York Times, Brar went through every hassle to secure a permit just to be able to send his message to the American leader.

“He’s too afraid to release his tax returns, too afraid to stand up to Vladimir Putin, and playing chicken with North Korea,” he told the news outlet.

Securing the permit for his protest balloon has not been easy for the artist based in California.

He said he had to make a lot of calls, emails, personal appearances and other sorts of follow ups just to fulfill his plan.

However, the President was not in the White House to see the mocking chicken for himself. Trump is currently on a “work from home” mode in his property in Bedminster, New Jersey.

But with all the fuzz the stunt made online, Brar’s pretty sure this has reached Trump one way or another.

Interested to get a chicken inflatable like this? Residents in America can actually purchase one.

USA Today said that there are several items available via eBay that comes at a $500 to $650 price tag.

Would you be buying one yourself?