Man allegedly beat twin brother with metal bat over taco dispute

Image by Limestone County Public Jail and Taco Bell

A man was a******d Thursday after he allegedly struck his brother with an aluminum baseball bat after they got into a fight about an order from Taco Bell, according to a news release from the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office.

Tyler Dukes grabbed an aluminum baseball bat and kicked him in the head because his brother wanted to get one of the tacos he was eating.

Luckily for his brother, the injury he suffered was very minor. He got away with just a good cut in the head.

The incident occurred on Thursday after the twins, who are 19 years old, had placed an order with their car at Taco Bell. When they got home, Tyler Dukes became angry because his brother had forgotten to order a soft drink and wanted to get one of his tacos.

When the police asked him why he had done this, Dukes responded by saying that his brother is “always disrespecting me.”

Dukes was charged with domestic violence. It’s unclear if he has a lawyer.