Meet the man who lives alone on an island for almost 30 years!

Image by Mauro Da Budelli via Facebook and National Geographic

An Italian lives alone on an island located in the Mediterranean Sea for nearly 30 years as per reports.

It was in 1989 that Mauro Morandi, now 78 years old, first set foot on Budelli Island off the coast of Sardinia.

The man was sailing at the time on his catamaran and had to face a major storm.

He then approached the coasts to take refuge and ended up sheltering on the island.

There he met the caretaker of the island; a man who was about to retire two days later.

Mauro Morandi, impressed by the island, decided to take his place.

He sold his boat, applied for the post and was finally chosen by the Italian government.

Budelli Island is part of the Maddalena archipelago National Park and has been protected since the late 1980s for its fragile ecosystem.

“I never want to leave. I hope to d*e here, to be cremated and my ashes scattered in the wind,” he reportedly told National Geographic.

“Love is an absolute consequence of beauty and vice versa,” Morandi said. “When you love a person deeply you see him or her as beautiful, but not because you see them as physically beautiful … you empathize with them, you’ve become a part of her and she’s become a part of you. It’s the same thing with nature.”

After spending his first decade on Budelli without the internet or even a phone line, Morandi now has high-speed wi-fi, and accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook — where he met his current partner.