Next boxing opponent? Conor McGregor weighing options

Image from Conor McGregor's Facebook account
  • MMA champion weighing next option after loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  • He said he could continue boxing or return to MMA
  • UFC president dismissive, said he’d rather see McGregor go back to the Octagon

Would Conor McGregor be returning to the boxing ring soon enough?

For the UFC lightweight champion, anything is possible at this point.

“I enjoyed the fight, It was a great contest. People ask me what’s next, I’m not quite sure. I’ve multiple titles in the UFC to think about,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying. “I could also continue in the boxing game. I have many options in mixed martial arts. I’m sure there’ll be options in boxing. Right now I’m a free agent.”

McGregor, who was in his first professional fight as a boxer against Floyd Mayweather Jr., also graded himself quite well in his fight against arguably the generation’s greatest pugilist.

“There was a lot of disrespect and a lot of disregard for my skill,” he said. “I was a little bit taken aback by the disrespect and the disregard that was shown. But I always knew that when the fight came around I’d give a good account of myself.”

One possible opponent, should McGregor decide to return to the squared circle, would be his former sparring partner Paul Malignaggi who has been fuming after the Irishman released a video which appeared to show him being knocked down during one of their sessions.

Malignaggi, who said the video was incomplete and insisted he won their spar, had also voiced his openness to being McGregor’s next opponent.

“I would talk about it, yeah,’’ he said.

However, UFC president Dana White said he would rather have McGregor return to the ring and focus on mixed martial arts instead.

“This is not what he does. He’s a mixed martial artist. He goes in and he fights and he uses all of his weapons. Tonight he goes in and is only able to use his hands. I don’t think he has anything else left to prove. I would rather he fights mixed martial arts,” he said.

Still, White said he was amazed by McGregor’s performance against Mayweather.

“I don’t know if it was the best boxing we’ve ever seen, but we saw a fight. Conor was in here landing jabs on Floyd Mayweather. Conor McGregor looked damn good to me,” he said.