Notorious Abu Sayyaf sub-leader killed in Sulu

Image from Borneo Today
  • A notorious sub-leader of ASG was killed in Sulu
  • The ASG commander was identified as Badong Muktadil
  • Local residents informed authorities on the presence of Muktadil’s group in the area

The Fleet-Marine Forces of the Joint Task Force Sulu killed a notorious Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) sub-leader in the maritime border with Malaysia early Sunday morning, August 13.

As per the Manila Bulletin, the slain ASG commander was identified by Brig. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana, the commander of the Joint Task Force Sulu, as Badong Muktadil.

Sobejana said Muktadil, who was wanted for kidnapping, murder and attacks on foreign vessels, was killed around 1:10 a.m. when government forces intercepted his vessel in waters off Barangay Silangkan, Parang in Sulu.

“The neutralization of Badong is another big setback on the Abu Sayyaf Group particularly on their kidnapping and terroristic activities making the residents in Sulu felt some sort of relief from the threat posed by Badong’s group,” Sobejana said.

Sobejano thanked local residents who tipped off authorities on the presence of Muktadil’s group.

“The JTF Sulu would like to thank the concerned citizens and the local government in the area for promptly informing us of the presence of the lawless elements that led to their neutralization, thus thwarting their hostile plans,” Sobejana said.


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