Over 60 children, many of them newborns, die in Indian hospital as oxygen supply disrupted

Image from Hindustan Times
  • Sixty three children have died in an Indian hospital since August 9
  • The deaths were allegedly due to lack of oxygen supply in the hospital
  • The local government of Uttar Pradesh state denied the allegation; saying patients died of various medical reasons and illnesses

Sixty three children, most of them newborns, died in a state-run hospital allegedly due to lack of liquid oxygen supply since August 9.

As per the Hindustan Times, 30 babies have died in the last 48 hours in Baba Raghav Das Medical College in Gorakhpur District of Uttar Pradesh state in India. Several children have died earlier allegedly due to shortage of oxygen supply.

The most number of deaths – twenty three children – occured on August 10; the day the company that supplies oxygen to the hospital stopped the deliveries of oxygen cylinders pending the collection of past dues amounting to several million rupees.

The local government of Uttar Pradesh, however, denied the charge; saying alternative arrangements have been made for oxygen supply. It said the patients died of various medical reasons and illnesses.

“The deaths of children were very unfortunate and government will set up an inquiry committee to ascertain if any lapses have been there and if anyone is found guilty he will be made accountable,” Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh said.


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