Passengers panic as London underground train gets filled with smoke

Image by Tom Singer and Joe Bunting via Twitter

Passengers on the London underground station experienced moments that they described as terrifying on social networks after heavy smoke entered the train wagons forcing an emergency evacuation at Oxford Circus on Friday morning.

Firefighters launched an emergency investigation on the incident.

The “Barkeloo line” has been suspended and the Oxford Circus station is completely closed due to a fire alarm.

The passengers on board explained that the panic increased as smoke filled the cars and they began to cough as they smelled burning plastic.

“All of a sudden the smoke just started to enter the wagon. It was panic. People were lying on the ground. “

“The driver was very calm. He said don’t panic, I’m going to move forward into Oxford Circus, “a witness told The Mirror.

“Everyone was coughing up. Everyone just ran to try and get into another platform.”

Firefighters conducted an investigation after reports of smoke at the central London station which is popular for shopping.

The Telegraph shared a video of the incident via YouTube: