Pinay earns praises for keeping calm despite verbal a***e by racist woman in Hong Kong bus

Images from Angela Sentillas Pasco's Facebook post

A Filipina in Hong Kong is earning praises online for not losing her cool despite being verbally abused by a Chinese woman inside a bus.

In Facebook post by Angela Sentillas Pasco, she narrated how the abusive woman started lashing out at her after she boarded a bus and sat beside her; supposedly because she was ‘too fat’ and the seat was a bit tight for both of them.

“Later I started to film her as she kept yelling at me in Chinese. Some of the things in translation means that I’m a slave/helper in Hong Kong,” the Filipina wrote.

“That, I should go back to my country because Hong Kong is for Chinese people LOL. She swore at me, calling me names, disrespecting my race,” she added.

Amid her rant, the woman also pointed out the Pinay’s ‘outdated’ iPhone compared to her latest Samsung unit.

The Chinese woman finally stopped after a fellow passenger called her out to contain herself and calm down since they are in a public place.

The Filipina added she completely ignored the woman as she saw no point in starting a fight with her, until the latter finally stopped.

Angela’s post has gone viral on Facebook and received admiration from netizens.

“Sad thing those racist thinks they are more valuable than anyone. But they don’t even noticed how stupid they looked like. Good for you dear, you were not tempted to go down to her low level. You’re a real clever,” said one commenter.

“Well done for videoing this shameful specimen of humanity. Hopefully she will be acutely embarrassed but sadly probably not). You are the one who came out of this incident with dignity,” another added.

Others, however, said the Filipina should have stood up and defend herself while some claimed they have also encountered the abusive woman and she appears to have some mental problem.


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