Pinoy bank manager leaves his job for rap music, FlipTop

Image by Soulfiesta, Skarm, Fliptop

A former bank manager is currently making a name in the hip-hop music scene and rapping.

He is Phillip Pacheco, a.ka. Skarm.

It was 2009 when his first album was released. Skarm once became famous when “FlipTop” rap battles became a hit in the Philippines. He is one of those who competed against other artists/rappers.

But he had to leave rapping to work for a bank, as he stated on an interview by ABS-CBN.

He became successful in his chosen path, and even got promoted as manager. But due to stress from his work, Skarm reportedly got sick. He was hospitalized after getting pneumonia and asthma.

And so after six years of being an employee, Skarm went back to his true love – – rap.

He said that it hadn’t easy for him to change his career path, and said that some loved ones were against his decision.

But Skarm was very determined to improve himself to his real hobby.

He is now busy promoting his latest album, and he hopes that he has given inspiration to others who want to reach their dreams.

Watch him perform on this video shared on his Facebook Page:

Watch ABS-CBN‘s feature story about “Skarm” on this link.

Watch one of Skarm’s FlipTop battles via Youtube: