Pinoy DOTA 2 teams bag millions from billion-peso international tourney

Image by Dota 2, Definitely Filipino

“The International”. Every year since 2011, hundreds of aspiring DOTA 2 teams from around the globe play for fun, dream for money, and battle for honor as the most prestigious event in the world of E-sports commence. With this year’s prize pool of $ 24,164,359 (or yes, that’s a mouth watering 1.224 billion pesos), two Filipino teams were able to grab a slice of the pie.

Pinoy Pride

A Philippine-based team, “TNC” (composed of ‘Raven,’ ‘Kuku,’ ‘TIMS,’ ‘SamH,’ and ‘1437’) bagged P18.29M for reaching 9th place. While another PH team, “Execration” (composed of ‘Jay-Bimbo,’ ‘,’ ‘Nando,’ ‘Cartman,’ and ‘Kimo’) reached 13th place and takes home P6.1M.

Well, not literally ‘takes home’ because the two teams are still there in Seattle, watching the remaining teams battle it out for the championship. They are still there, with free hotel accommodation, an ice cold beer in hand, bundles of cash in the pocket, while watching the best teams in the world play their favorite game. Not really the definition of a “loser” eh?

Before reaching the ‘main event’ held at KeyArena, Seattle, U.S.A., the pinoy teams did their best performances from regional “South East Asia” qualifiers. They defeated a heap of known national as well as international teams, so being 9th all over the world is still something to be proud of, right?


But why such a huge amount of prize for only reaching 9th and 13th place? And speaking of prizes, the grand champion will win P536.46M. Wow, that’s like winning the grand lottery!

We know that reality shows, national basketball tournaments, and talent searches give away a million or a few million pesos for the grand winner. And that winner may have gone through a lot, physically and mentally. Well, in comparison it may seem unfair as ‘Dota players ‘only’ sit and click their mouse.

This is because the ‘prize-pool’ is very big…initially. Or maybe because Valve Corp. (owner of Dota2) is just generous as it is. But what makes this prize pool even monstrous is the ‘donation’ of the simplest of the gamers/fan. In every purchase from the valve/steam/dota2 store of in-game cosmetics to make his characters look ‘cool,’ a player who owns the game’s ‘battle pass’ or ‘compendium’ knows that part of his payment goes to the ‘prize-pool’ of the prestigious ‘the international.’ And with Dota 2’s millions of players, just imagine how the cash jackpot would stack.

What is Dota 2

DOTA 2 is a free to play video game for PC that is developed and published by Valve Corporation. It is a sequel to the hit game DOTA which means “Defense of the Ancients”. The main objective of the game is to destroy the enemy team’s base called the “ancient”. The game is played in a fight between two teams that consists of five players; each controlling their own unique powerful characters or heroes.

A bright future sport for Pinoys?

Let’s admit it, Filipinos are physically smaller and shorter than other races. At some famous international sports like basketball, height matters. But in an Esport (electronic sport) like this? You don’t have to be at least 6’5” to fight a rebound against other taller races. Not only that, even a 120-Kg overweight teen or a 50-year-old leg-amputee can shout to the world, “hey! I’m a champion of a sport”. And it doesn’t just stop there. Even an 18-year-old out-of-school hermaphrodite can say, “Through sports, I brought millions for my family”.

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