Police clash with communist rebel trainees in Palawan, 3 a******d

Image from The Marxist-Leninist
  • Police in Palawan clashed with communist rebel trainees
  • A woman was seen giving lectures to at least 20 heavily armed members of the New People’s Army
  • Three rebels, one of them wounded, were a******d

A team of police who were conducting patrol encountered heavily armed members of the New People’s Army taking up training courses in Palawan on Friday afternoon, August 11.

As per The Daily Tribune, a squad from the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) Regional Public Safety Battalion was conducting patrol at Sitio Maubog in Barangay Alacalian in Taytay town when they chanced upon the rebel group.

The police said they saw a woman giving lectures to around 20 armed rebels inside a makeshift shelter. The rebels, upon seeing the approaching policemen, opened fire and a firefight ensued.

“A gun fire was heard coming from the said group towards the approaching police personnel. This started the gunfight,” Chief Supt. Wilben Mayor, director of the MIMAROPA PNP, said.

The Marine Battalion Landing Team 12 was sent to reinforce the police, but the rebels were able to escape except for the three who were a******d, one of them wounded.

“There were no reported casualties from the government side but undetermined on the enemy side. Three male persons present in the encounter site were taken to the Taytay Police Station,” Mayor said.

The police recovered from the clash site two pieces of improvised land mines, an M16 rifle with 10 magazines, a portable generator set, assorted magazines for different high-powered firearms, cellular phones and a laptop.