Pres. Duterte gives assurance that cops involved in Kian’s killing will be held accountable – Presidential spokesman

Image from Ace Morandante Presidential Photo
  • Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said the President gave an assurance that cops involved in the killing of Kian De los Santos will be investigated
  • The boy’s d***h triggered deep public sympathy
  • Abella said despite the sorry “isolated case,” the war on d***s would continue

Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella said in a statement the President Rodrigo Duterte gave an assurance that police officers involved in the d***h of Kian De los Santos will be investigated.

The d***h of 17-year-old Kian during an anti-drug operation in Caloocan City triggered an outcry from the public after CCTV footage belied the claims of police that the boy shot it out with them.

“This deeply regrettable incident has triggered deep public sentiment, and challenges those in law enforcement to be wary of the reckless exercise of power and authority,” the Inquirer quoted presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella as saying.

The presidential spokesman added that while the President assured that the erring police officers will be held accountable, the government’s intensified war on d***s would continue.

“The violent d***h of any Filipino is one d***h too many, especially that of Kian Loyd De los Santos,” Abella said.