Restaurant draws flak for offering discount based on bra size

Image via Asiawire

Chinese restaurant faced backlash for giving out discounts to female customers depending on their bra size — the bigger the bra size, the bigger the discount.

Trendy Shrimp, located in a mall in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, put out a poster outside their restaurant where it says “The whole city is looking for BREASTS”  along with anime version of women with various breast sizes and their accompanying cup and respective discounts.

It says a woman with an A cup bra was entitled to a five percent discount; a woman with a B was entitled to 15 percent; a C cup earned a 25 percent discount; and so on.

Some people may have found it hilarious but not everybody was happy with it as the the restaurant received complaints from the locals and took it to the mayor’s office asking for its removal. Particularly one named Ms. Zhu described it as vulgar advertising and not to mention being discriminatory against women.

It seems to have worked since they took it down after the general manager, Lan Shenggang, received a phone call from the restaurant’s head office.

They discontinued  the promotion but was keen to share that the advertisement did wonders on their sale since they gained 20% more customers after its released on August 1, 2017. Shenggang also claimed that some of the girls were “proud” to receive the discount. But they were reportedly told to redeem their discounts from female servers to avoid getting embarrassed.

Despite all the controversy surrounding it, Mr. Lu, CEO of the company that owns Trendy Shrimp apologized to those disappointed about it getting canceled but teased that a new promotion is in the works.