Security guard rescues drowning toddler in swimming pool

Image capture of video via Youtube

It’s never okay to leave children unattended in public places especially in swimming pool areas, but there are times when it  seems that some elders forget that children aren’t capable of looking after themselves.

In a CCTV footage, a little boy is seen flapping around the swimming pool, seemingly isolated from the rest of the people in it when all of a sudden, the inflatable flipped upside down and so did his body. You could see him struggling to get back up. Luckily, two people rushed to the kid’s aid and one jumped into the pool to rescue him.

The man who leapt into the pool, identified only as Ma, works at the park in Sanya City, South China and people are hailing him a hero. He also mentioned that the boy was originally accompanied by a grandparent in the pool but was nowhere nearby when the toddler flipped.

similar incident in East China also occurred last May in a swim ring where a toddler nearly drowned with his head submerged underwater for 72 seconds before anyone noticed what was happening.

Watch video below:


Source :

Mirror, Youtube